Sunday, October 28, 2012

Make your own Printed Crepe Paper!!!

Okay, I got this crepe paper.... from my own stash of crafting supplies!!! Nope I did not buy it anywhere. I took some party crepe paper and created this.... Here is the how to....

 Step 1. Get you some dollar store party crepe paper!

 Step 2. Take this awesome tool the ribbon Iron by Peebles INC and iron the crepe paper. I love this tool. It only gets hot as needed to iron out paper and ribbons all shapes!!! THIS IS MUST HAVE!!!

 Step 3. Gather up some of your favorite stamps!!

 Step 4. Get your black Staze On Ink Pad, or other inks that will stamp real good and stamp stamp stamp!!!

 Step 5. Run the stamped crepe paper back through the ribbon iron to set the ink!!

NOW!! you have custom stamped crepe paper that you designed and can decoupage onto to anything!!! Come up with creative ways to stamp in color, make patterns and more!!!

I hope this entices you to run out to the dollar store and bring out some of them stamps you have not used in a while!!! 

Your Crafting Educator
Angela Holt