Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My New Year's Affirmation

This is more than a resolution. This is my affirmation for the year 2015.

The year of 2015 will be one of the most successful years of my crafting career. It will eclipse all others before it. I will love more, create more, inspire more, give more, and BE more than I have ever been in the past years,

True I have had times of wanting to give up and shut it all down. I'm human and the degree of hate and bullying I have pulled through is a damn war within it's self. I have been pulled into situations that I had no business being in, I have said things to hurt people in my time of stress, fear and frustration and I have done things in my life I'm not proud of, I have been used and thrown away by women wanting to achieve the goal I have reached without the work. Be jealous of me and say the most ridiculous intrusive and vulgar things about me. I have been made fun of, hated, talked about, shunned, almost sued for my designs and fake complaints, my face has been imposed onto pornographic imagery and shared to all my business contacts. I have been defamed in more ways you can imagine and hurt on levels that I would not wish on my worst enemy. But that does not define who I am. I have been most blessed in my life too. In the midst of all of this, I still rock the hell out of projects and I still have more people that love, enjoy and get inspired by what I do and that is something they cant take away!! If they do, then it is on the people that believe them.

2015 is the year of change for me. Letting go of the bullshit that was mentioned above and moving on. For this is a year of betterment, growth of my career and brand and my accomplishments. I will work on my emotions and to not make rash decisions in the site of fear which I have been guilty of in doing. I will surpass the haters with my hard work and devotion. For my success is the most powerful revenge I could ever bestow on those that hate me. I will raise my heights by surrounding myself with positive and creative men and women that have my best interest at heart. People that want to have success with me and be on this journey of change.

I will forgive those that have transgressed against me. For my Lord and savior asks this of me. I can only plant the seed of faith and hope. They have to grow up from their childish behaviors and become adults all while realizing that the antics are not going to define me anymore. That no matter what they say or do or try to get others to believe with posts, screenshots, etc.... Is not me or who I am. If anything it would show my past desperate attempts to extend the olive branch to only have it broken and throw at my feet.

How will I do this? Through my immense passion for creating and teaching to the crafting community. Casting a much larger ripple in this vast world that will reach even more people and places than ever before. Through Random acts of kindness and helping those that truly want to share their creativity with the world in a positive and successful light. Not use me and throw me away as so many have done before. With Unconditional love and my compassionate service to the viewing public. I will acknowledge more of  the TRUE source of all the blessings in my life with amazing gratitude in my heart brought forth by my Lord and savior.

When I fail at something and find myself falling back into old habits and or into the webs of bullies with their gossips, ridicule, hatred, jealously, those that deem it necessary to bring up my past to get me to respond and fall into their sick and pathetic trap, I will prevail by strengthening my resolve and be a better person than ever before by forgiving more and understanding the short comings that come with people that are so broken and desperate in their lives.

I will achieve my goals through integrity, innovation, my amazing talent, through creative endeavors and be more efficient and inspiring. To BE a GREATER ASSET to the crafting community and the world. I will get published, try out for Design Teams and enter more challenges than before, join more groups and be a part of other Crafter's lives online by showing more support and giving advice and help when asked. I will associate with those that are creative, inspiring and have the simple goals in life such a harmony and peace; simply wanting to create share and learn. To be a better and stronger teacher and designer and also be a student and learn more than years past. I will support more and become a more positive public figure in the creative industry that will enrich me more than ever before,

2015 will lay the foundation for years to come and surpass accomplishments of years past. I believe we all have a creative spark and goals in out lives, I hope the legacy I'm making will inspire and light that very creative spark in people that want to simply create and explore their inner muse.

In closing, I have learned in the 5 years I have been online is the difference between me and those that have stepped all over me to obtain the same goals is the character of the person that is walking the path. For I know I can sleep at night and my conventions are strong and true but they cant and never will be able to say the same in the lives they are leading today.

May God bless you all with love, wealth and good health this year. May you embark on your own journeys of success with the love of God in your heart and with the same empowerment that has sparked in me, For we are never guaranteed tomorrow so live for today!!!

Your Professional Crafting Designer and Educator

Angela Holt

Saturday, December 13, 2014

30 Days of Holidays with Xyron Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it, we are days away from the big day? I wanted to share with you a fabulous card that will really knock the mittens off of whom ever receives this card. It is really easy I promise. So let me tell you how to make this card!!!

1. You are going to pick and choose 2 pattern papers and color of cardstock to coordinate. Cut each piece to fit your measurements.. Above I have a 5x7 card! So in the pattern paper I cut the Green at 3.5 x 6.75 and the stripe at 1.5 x 6.75. run EACh PIeCE through your XYRON Creative Station MAX!! I love this Machine!!! Peel and still and BAM!!! you are a card making DIVA!!

To cover the seam between the two I ran a piece of ribbon down the middle using some Glossy Accents to adhere it.

Now for the main attraction. The Wreath!! Super Simple and Sooo Easy to make!!!

First you want to get about a dozen of what is called " clear Wheat sprays" you can find them here at Creating with Details Store.

Take the Wheat Sprays and place them in a ziplock bag. Add several drops of Alcohol Inks in shades of green to the bag and smush around until all wheat sprays are coated. Dump out onto a paper towel an let fry for only a few mins. super fast and easy!!!

Then begin using your hot glue and bend the sprays into a wreath style as you see above, I added red jewels as berries. To Finish off the wreath you can simply glue it to the card or you can make it into a removable ornament. The Choice is yours!!!

I hope this simply and festive card gives you a new take on making wreaths for the holidays!!! You will be making tons of these!!!

Again thank you so much for stopping by,

Your Professional Crafting Designer/Educator

Angela Holt

Monday, November 17, 2014

Xyron 30 Days of Holidays Blog Hop

 It's that time of year!!!! Yep that time to bring out all the Glitter and paper and make Magic!!! The Xyron Designer and I are hosting 30 days of Holidays projects that will inspire you to create many new and exciting projects. Below I have in store for you a cute and Illuminating Christmas Ornament that will surly be the Star ( no pun intended) of the Tree. Featuring a Design from Silhouette America, I show you in this Video tutorial, how to assemble the box using my favorite Xyron Tool the Mega Runner. So be sure to follow the link to Xyron Facebook Page to STAY UP TO DATE with Daily inspiration and to BEGIN THE HOP!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to watch another Fab tutorial and for being a fan of my work!!!

Xyron Designer
Angela Holt

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Xyron and Paper House Blog Hop

Hey Crafty Peeps!! This week the Xyron Design Team and I is celebrating the Great Outdoors with our friends at Paper House - tune in every day for projects, tutorials and giveaways that will make you think about "outdoorsy" paper and embellishments in a whole new light!

I have brought to you a day a quick and easy Card tutorial that gives you that feeling on a Cold Snow Topped Forrest. So lets get started with the tutorial!!

Products Used:

Xyron Creative Station 9
Xyron Mega Runner
Foam Tape
Paper House Productions "Roughin It" 3D sticker
Paper House Productions Outdoors Diecut Sticker Pack Used the Deer
Paper House Productions Camping 2 Cardstock Stickers 
Paper House Productions Great Outdoors Paper Pad 
Brown and Black Cardstock
Metal Embellishments

You are going to pick a great background paper from the Great Outdoors Paper Pad. I chose the Forest scenery. You are then going to run the Brown piece of cardstock and the forest print through the Xyron Creative Station. As you can see from the photo, I also cut out and ran through the Creative Station some border pieces that were also in the paper pack that I will use later. 

Above I have cut out with my Silhouette Cameo some Pine trees and pine branches. I colored these using 3 different color inks to give it that real effect.

Then simply pulling from the stickers from Paper House Productions and the cut outs, I made a scenery of a forest. I used some snow flocking and my glossy accents to create snow tipped trees that you see below in the finished project. 

As you can see, this just looks like a snowy scene that makes you want to be snuggled in a cabin with a warm cup of coco on a cold winter day! The odd trees you see in the background are from the Paper House production sticker packs and I use elements from these packs to create the sign!!! 

If you are loving this card as much as I do, then head on over to the Paper House blog every day this week for even MORE great ideas - and they are giving away some of your favorite Xyron goodies as well!  We want to share some of the Paper House products we are loving with you - so all week long we'll be having giveaways here on our blog as well.  Just leave a comment and one lucky winner will win a fabulous prize!!! 

I want to wish everyone a fabulous Crafty Day!!

Your Xyron Designer
Angela Holt

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014-2015 Creating With Details Design Team

The 2014-2015 Design Team as been picked!!! Mai and I want to thank everyone who applied. The choices were hard but we feel that we have picked a fabulous team that will inspire, motivate, and entice you to learn in a innovative fun way!! I would like to announce the following!! Please follow the link to learn more about each Designer and begin to follow all their links!!!

Congratulations to the following!

2014-2015 Creating With Details Design Team

Angela Holt is Creating with Details Social Media Coordinator
She is a Professional Crafting Educator/ Designer in the Crafting Community!

Blog/Website www.angelaholtdesigns.com
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/angelaholtdesigns
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelaHDesigns
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/angelahdesigns/boards/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AngelaHolt/posts

 Blog     http://beeceecreativity.blogspot.com/
YouTube Channel    beecee1000

Congratulations Ladies!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Xyron DT Project Featuring Core'dinations and Petaloo

Hey Crafty Peeps!!! I come to you with my Xyron DT Hat on bringing you a fabulous project I created featuring Petaloo International and Core'dinations. I brought to you a fun quick and easy tutorial show you how to make a Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album. Below you will see a video that you can find on my youtube channel showing how I put this together and explaining all the details!!!

I hope this inspires you to save those rolls that we always throw away an create something fun and exciting.

Products used:

Petaloo Darjeeling Paper Flowers 

Core'dinations Coressentials Neutrals 4.25x5.5 Paper Pad

Xyron Create a Sticker Max
Xyron Mega Runner
Xyron 3 inch Sticker Maker

Anna Griffin Papers

Personal Embellishments

Please watch my blog or you can click to watch over on my channel!!! While your there feel free to subscribe to my channel where I do many video tutorial too!!! Stay Crafty and Get Inspired!!

Your Xyron DT
Angela Holt

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deflect-O DT Project Halloween Mobile

Deflect-o is known for it's amazing innovative tools to help bring your business and now crafting to life. As a Deflect-o DT it is my job to show more crafty innovative ways to create with such products. Today I bring you a Halloween Mobile I made using 3 amazing products from Deflect-o. So let me begin telling what I did!!!

Okay the above photo is my Halloween Moblie using Proucts from Defelct-o and other embellishments from my stash. Let me get into how I altered and what products I used.

The Photo above shows you a Deflect-o product called "Flexible Sign Dangles". These are Flexible light weight trips of metal that have adhesive on each side. What I di was bend 3 of them to form a circle using the adhesive to glue them. I then covered the circle in 1 layer of Black Tulle and then wrapped a decorative ribbon on top of that. The points where you see the skeleton hands, I hot glued black string that was glue in 3 different points. The string was brought to the top and clipped as well as decorated with the next Deflect-o product I used.

The top of the mobile is clipped with a Deflect-o Versagrip Sign Holder clip. This duel Clip on both ends allow you to clip your project, tag or signage and them clip it to something in all sort of directions. The Ball design you see in the center allows you to pivot and turn your creations and this opens to new ways to hang your projects. I glued a tulle an two ribbon bows to the base of the bottom clip and added a fun sticker in the center.

The next product from Deflect-o I used is called Sign Tags Wet Erase. These snazzy tags are made of a black plastic and come with a dry erase marker for your to add anything you want to them. You can cut them easily with scissors as I did above and make them into anything you would like. I cut mine in 2x2 inch squares an I hug 3 of them to spell out the word "BOO". Used my hole punch to create a hole for the decorative ribbon.

Now Check out all the photos below for more details I added to the Mobile. I think it turned out pretty awesome if you ask me!! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I have used in this project. I do hope you find inspiration in your Holiday crafting!!

Your Deflect-o Designer

Angela Holt

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wild Orchid Craft Design Team Project Altered Key

Hey Crafty peeps!!! Today I'm bringing to you a Fabulous sweet tutorial on how to alter a Key using Wild Orchid Craft Products. In this step by step Video tutorial I show you how to use several elements in decorating the large keys that we always see a Michaels. I hope this tutorial gives you a different perspective and inspiration to alter keys.

Products Used:



Watch the video below!!

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Again Thank you for stopping by!!!

Your Wild Orchid Craft Designer

Angela Holt

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spellbinder and Xyron Design Team Project.

Hey Crafty Peeps!!! Cool air has rushed in here in Tennessee. The smells of Tobacco Barns and the vibrant colors of mums and pumpkins decorate the scenery. This has put me in the Fallish mood to bring to you a fabulous Card tutorial Using dies from Spellbinders and of course my Favorite Adhesive Xyon!! Below is a Step out tutorial I have created for you to show you how the process of this card came about. So come set a spell get warm and get inspired!!!

Spellbinders Nestabilities Majectic Squares
Xyron Creatopia Shapez Die By Spellbinders
Xyron Create Sticker Max
Xyron Create a Sticker 3"
Pop Dot
Vintage Photo which is provided below!

Step 1 As you see in the photos above. You are going to prepare your image and your frame for the image. For the Frame I cut it out with black cardstock. Ran it through my Xyron Sticker Maker 3" then I added Black Glitter then I ran it back through so I could make it a sticker to be placed around the photo. To prep my photo I ran it through the same Sticker Maker and placed it on a piece of Chipboard for added strength. The Frame is from the Xyron Creatopia Shapez Die By Spellbinders

Step 2: you will cut out 3 styles of paper. From the photo above, I used a base cardstock, the corrugated piece and a pattern piece. They all measure. Base Card is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2  the Corrugated is 5 1/8 x 5 1/8 pattern piece 4 3/4 x 4 3/4. Run the Corrugated piece through the Xyron Create a Sticker Max.

Step 3: While the corrugated piece is still on the sticker paper, Use the cool NEW tool set from Core'dinations called Sand it Set and make the edges rough and torn.

Step 4: Cut out from using the Spellbinders Majestic Squares dies  in black cardstock. I used Silver Rub n Buff to give a old look. Pop Dot your photo onto this piece. and begin layering and added embellishements!! As see above I used Orange Glitter to bring out the Pattern Piece and to give the card more sparkle! Dont forget to run the pattern piece that is now glittered through your Xyron Create a Sticker Max to make it easy to peel and stick to build the card. SEE PHOTOS BELOW!!

The Haunted photo I used:

I want to wish you a fabulous HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope this card has given your inspiration to create some awesome and festive cards for all your friends this season!! Please be sure to comment below and let me know what you think!!! Again thank you for stopping by for another fabulous creation,

Your Professional Crafting Educator/Designer

Angela Holt