Monday, May 27, 2013

Shabby Chic Tray Project

You have no idea how it feels to back to crafting after almost a month of unpacking and getting organized. Moving is soooooo stressful but this was a welcomed stress for I love love my new home and my NEW studio!!!

As a professional crafter educator and designer I given the most amazing opportunities to work with fellow companies and thier projects. To bring my innovative ideas to the table and to you in your craft rooms.

I will be working with Etchall; a surface etching cream  for a few weeks that will bring out the most beautiful projects by using the basic of instructions.Today I want to share with you my " Shabby Chic Etched Glass Tray" with you and tell you how a came about to the finial project.

So come set a spell and indulge yourself into some creativity!!!

Step 1. Is to find you a mirror with a simple frame. As many of you know I hit the yard sales and the Goodwill to find my pieces most of the time and that is where I found my piece!!!

 Step 2. As you can see, my frame was black and I popped out the mirror part for etching with the Etchall cream!!! More details on that below. I took my Gesso and painted the frame white.

 Step3. I wanted to add texture to my frame. While un-packing I found some sidewalk chalk and I hammered it into a powered form. There were still small chunks and I wanted that texture. I thin added white acrylic white paint and made a chunky chalk paint and then painted the frame.

 Step 4. I knew I wanted to bring out the black frame some so I did so by sanding off some of the paint on all edges.

 Step 5. I returned the mirror back into the frame after I did the etching process. This Doily pattern can be found on your Silhouette Studio Program. This images was created by "doily pointed net lace by Samantha Walker ", For more ideas and inspiration and for information on obtaining limited commercial licenses for crafters on Samantha's silhouette designs please visit: and

Now to see how the etching process using the Etchall Cream is done by me using another fabulous Silhouette Design  "life is better when you're laughing - vinyl phrase by Kolette Hall " Please watch my you tube video by CLICKING HERE  Please visit Kolette's Blog for more inspiration too!!

 Step 6: I know many of us have seen these old dress drawer handles from time to time, Well I kept all my old ones for later use and they were perfect for the handles of the tray!!! I simply painted them with Gesso and attached them to the tray using hot glue or you can also use your E6000 Glue too!

Further NOTE: To spice up the handle, I used some of my RANGER Silver Ink Dabber to add a finished touch, If you are wondering where I got that HUGE yummy pearl, look no further!!! This pearl is about the size of a quarter and can be purchased through Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

Step 7. Is adding the finishing touches!!! The Feet are made simply from using Smoothfoam ( the Crafter's Foam) balls. They make the perfect soft feet for any projects and they can be painted and designed to match your project. I added lace trim and pearls along the edges of the tray to finish it off.

And that is it my fellow crafters. I revamped mirror made into a Shabby Chic Tray using some awesome products and tools!!! Check out below to more detailed photos. 

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Your crafting Educator 
Angela Holt

Monday, May 6, 2013

where have I been and what have I been up too?

I know that I have not wrote much on blog here and that is because tons of things have been happening over on my Facebook. Plus I have been getting ready to move. Yes, we close this week and begin moving into my new house!!! I cant wait!!! I packed up some of my crafting stuff today.

I have been making tons of projects. Shabby Chic, Prima and more!!! all are posted over on my Facebook and in  my gallery by clicking above.

I will not have a Ustream show until I'm settled into my new home. I want to spend time with my family and gets things the way we want them. We have been living in crowded spaces for way to long....

Also, be sure to stay tunned for updates. I have been weighing different places to move my Ustream show too. One that does not carry so many problems, and ads etc... I know that all of you want to watch me create and not watch commercials every 3 mins. Plus there has been such a lag with the show, that when I announce how to win something, some of you hear it and some of you don't and that is not fair to anyone.

and... I will be changing the look of my whole online presence. Still the same name and GREAT crafting, but with a new look. I want to get away from the Black and hot pink. For I'm Southern and I want to bring about what I love in colors and style.

Also, there might be a new place for us to post, share and enjoy fellow crafters in one group community!!! Still looking into that and of course I will post updates with that too!!!

I will try to do a youtube here and there, but I will more and likely be working on my NEW house!!!

Here is a pic of my new home...

So stay tune for updates, and thank you so much for being a fan and a friend!!!