Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simple Shabby Chic Style Project featuring Miriam's Craft Supplies

I love love to take $.99 items and make them into something amazing!!!! Here is a simple project that you can do that will be perfect for any occasion!!!

What you need:
A Clear Glass Saucer
A clear Glass Candle Holder
Some Fancy Venise Trim
Miriam's Craft Supplies Flat Back Pearls Both in LARGE and Small
Hot Glue
and E6000 Glue

Glue the Plate to the Candle Holder using E6000 Glue. Then take your Trim and hot glue it around the edge!!!

Add some of Miriam's Craft Supplies Flat Backed Pearls and BAM!!!! you have a wonderful easy to do Shabby Chic project that would be great for parties, as a display and more!!!

The number one place to get all your pearls is from Miriam. She has a wide selection of them in all sort of sizes and colors!!!! Visit here to order!!!