Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deflect-O DT Project Halloween Mobile

Deflect-o is known for it's amazing innovative tools to help bring your business and now crafting to life. As a Deflect-o DT it is my job to show more crafty innovative ways to create with such products. Today I bring you a Halloween Mobile I made using 3 amazing products from Deflect-o. So let me begin telling what I did!!!

Okay the above photo is my Halloween Moblie using Proucts from Defelct-o and other embellishments from my stash. Let me get into how I altered and what products I used.

The Photo above shows you a Deflect-o product called "Flexible Sign Dangles". These are Flexible light weight trips of metal that have adhesive on each side. What I di was bend 3 of them to form a circle using the adhesive to glue them. I then covered the circle in 1 layer of Black Tulle and then wrapped a decorative ribbon on top of that. The points where you see the skeleton hands, I hot glued black string that was glue in 3 different points. The string was brought to the top and clipped as well as decorated with the next Deflect-o product I used.

The top of the mobile is clipped with a Deflect-o Versagrip Sign Holder clip. This duel Clip on both ends allow you to clip your project, tag or signage and them clip it to something in all sort of directions. The Ball design you see in the center allows you to pivot and turn your creations and this opens to new ways to hang your projects. I glued a tulle an two ribbon bows to the base of the bottom clip and added a fun sticker in the center.

The next product from Deflect-o I used is called Sign Tags Wet Erase. These snazzy tags are made of a black plastic and come with a dry erase marker for your to add anything you want to them. You can cut them easily with scissors as I did above and make them into anything you would like. I cut mine in 2x2 inch squares an I hug 3 of them to spell out the word "BOO". Used my hole punch to create a hole for the decorative ribbon.

Now Check out all the photos below for more details I added to the Mobile. I think it turned out pretty awesome if you ask me!! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I have used in this project. I do hope you find inspiration in your Holiday crafting!!

Your Deflect-o Designer

Angela Holt