Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Christmas Ornaments of the Year

There is a new trend this year hitting the galleries among crafters. This trend is taking the basic shape of an ornament such as the ones offered by Sizzix, also Silhouette America has some fabulous ones too. No matter where you find your ornament shape, you can be sure that it will be the forefront of most ornament making projects this year.

I took various shapes of ornaments from my Silhouette Downloads and created the following two styles. The First style is a non-traditional approach. I used blacks and creams and of course BLING!!!

 This Ornament was created using a fabulous download from my Silhouette. I cut out a total of 12 of the same shape. I then folded 6 of them in half and glues the folded pieces on top of the 6 that were not folded to give it a 3D look. I then glues piece of black tulle in the middle and adorned the piece with a jeweled center and Want2scrap Bling. The dangle was from an old string of jeweled garland I got in a box of broken ornaments at a yard sale.

Using the same concept above, I cut 3 different styles of ornaments from my silhouette and glued them as you see in the photo. Adorned with pearls, gold tulle and red ribbon, this ornament carries the more traditional look for the Holidays. This concept it fabulous, easy and lends the creativity to be endless in style and designing with these shapes. 

I hope these projects get your geared up to being your Holiday crafting a little early this year. IF you should have any questions on how I made these, please let me know!!

Your crafting Educator,
Angela Holt