Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Altered Masquerade Mask

I wanted to share with you a fabulous project I did!!! My mom wanted her Mask revamped, so I broke it down to the bare bones and rebuilt the mask in my style!!! Here is what I did,................

As you can see I tore everything off the mask and went down to the base!! I knew that I wanted to add dept to the mask!!!

I took my polymer clay mold and used my Hot Glue Gun to make the pieces I wanted to add dept!!! I Also used Virginia's Faux Molding paste recipe. I added acrylic paint to the recipe so that I could give the mask a chalky stone look!!! I added about 4 layers of this mixture to the mask to help bring out the dept of the Hot Glue Designs.

After the final layer of the Faux Modeling Paste was dry, I covered the whole mask in Mod Podge. While it was still wet with the Mod Podge, I sprinkled Fairy Dust Glitter all over it to give it that sparkle look. As you can see I could not go without adding some bling to the piece!!

I knew I wanted to add a punch factor to the mask, so I pulled out my Zucker Feathers and went to adding them on the side and from the photos below, this is how my mask turned out!!!

I would love to see what you can do with the Fabulous Fazx Molding Paste Recipe from Virginia, it is absolutely fun to use and so versatile to work with!!! You can find the recipe over on the challenge blog!! See like on the side bar on the left!!! Enter the challenge for a chance to win an awesome prize!!!

Happy Crafting,
Your Crafting Educator
Angela Holt