Saturday, January 26, 2013


About Angela Holts Designs New Bling Line!
I did not design this bling. I’m bringing you this line under Angela Holt’s Bling Splendar Line
I’ve researched and tested out various pieces of bling, that I’ve found through a whole sale dealer.
I’ve put many months of research into this to bring you the best I can from the distributers located in China and Thailand. I’ve thought of you my followers when I looked at and tested the bling for this line. I am offering you this line of bling at great prices. You are welcome to order it from the whole sellers yourself in bulk if that is what you want. I will be putting the bling together in sets so that you can buy what you need and want without having to buy bulk. I hope you enjoy this bling line as much as I enjoyed researching and bringing you this lovely new bling, at a great affordable price for you to use on all your crafty projects.
Angie Holt
Angelia Holts Designs...