Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BLING Crown Contest Winner!!!

Mark Montano is the GURU of taking something ordinary and making it into something extraordinary!!! He has published famous crafting bibles such as “The Big Ass Book of Crafts 1&2”, “ Big Ass Book of Home D├ęcor” and now the FABULOUS NEW Publication called “The Big Ass Book of BLING

Mark (the King of Crafts) so graciously sent me copies of his fabulous “BIG ASS BOOK OF BLING” and sponsored my CROWN contest!!!

In the BIG ASS BOOK OF BLING, Mark has dedicated a section in showcasing how you can make CROWNS out of conventional and non conventional items!!! These CROWNS are amazing and so innovative. 

 I taught you on FRIDAY March 1st at 7pm Central at the LAUNCH PARTY a CROWN PROJECT from Mark’s Book. I showed you from beginning to end how to create 2 crowns from Materials suggested by Mark in his Book. I will also introduced to you products that help you create your crown. YOU CAN FIND ALL VIDEOS BY VISITING------> YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  I asked that you take these concepts from Mark’s Book and my Live Video Class and make your very own CROWN!!! And did you all ever make some beautiful crowns!!! Each entry has been amazing and I thank you ALL for showcasing your creations in my contest!!!

Here were the entries to the contest:

 This Entry is presented by Deb Ochs-Lagrone She used an array of flowers and feathers to decorate her crown.

 This Entry is presented by Jessica Mayes. She used an array of pearls and created a flower motif on the front. She also painted her crown in a red color!!!

This Entry is presented by Heather Wentworth. She created this crown for her little KING on her life!!! She used cute paper elements to adorn the front of her crown!!!

I'm so glad I did not have to judge these crowns. This was a hard choice to make!! So I left it up to my team to make the decision as to which one!!

 The Winner will receive a Copy of the “BIG ASS BOOK OF BLING” along with Some BLING from Angela Holt Designs Bling Splendor Line.

AND THE WINNER IS..............................................

Deb Ochs-Lagrone

CONGRATS!!! Your crown has been chosen as the winning CROWN!!!
Please email me of facebook me your Addy info!!!

Be sure to pick up your copy of Marks Book!!! It is jammed packed with wonderful and creative ideas. 
Also, check out the links below for more info!!! 

Thank you all that entered this contest!!! AMAZING creations ladies!!! JUST AMAZING!!!

Angela Holt Designs Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/AHoltDesigns
Mark's Links where you will visit and link back to your creation!! Be sure to like his page too!!

Mark Montano’s Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/MarkMontanoNYC

Mark Montano’s Blog http://markmontano.com/

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