Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lifestyle Product Review!!! By Oakleaf

Hello Crafty peeps!!! We are always look for something to make out projects and homes more beautiful. I had the pleasure to try out Oak Leaf [100 LEDS] String Lights, Micro LED Copper Wired Lights, Lights /Fairy Lights in Blue. 

These lights are so easy to work with and my daughter had a blast decorating with them!!! She created a heart shape over her bed to illuminate her favorite drawings. But as crafter we all know that we can take it so many steps further. 

When you purchase these lights, you get two sets in each box. Which is a PLUS!!! So run over and check out the links below and order you a set. These lights come in many colors such as

White, blue, green and purple. I hope that they come out with PINKS!! That would be awesome!!!

Thank you for stopping by to read this product review!!!

Crafty Hugs!!

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