Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Etched Glass Mason Jar

Love is in the air and I had to make a jar!!! Using the fabulous product Etchall, I knew what I had envisioned would be fabulous and it was!!! Read Below how I made this jar!!!

 I got my Clear Glass Mason Jar at the Local Hobby Lobby

 I chose a fabulous saying and cut it out with my electric cutter on to the Etchall Etching Mask

I then took my Etchall Etching Mask Transfer paper and sandwiched it by pulling back the top layer of the etching mask transfer sheet. I used the Squeegee tool to burnish and press the layers to make sure of good contact for the transfer.

 I cut out the shape and them removed the backing of the transfer paper to reveal the sticky side of the Etching Mask

 Take your squeegee tool and press the layers onto the jar making sure there are no bubbles and to make sure that you have a good contact!!

Once you have pressed the layers onto the jar, then pull off the top layer of the etching mask transfer sheet to complete the transfer.

 Very IMPORTANT< I always use masking tape or painters tap to tape off the areas that you do not want etched!! This lends you to have a clear, crisp etch!! 

Apply a thick layer of the Etchall Etching Cream to the area you want etched. The thick coating will allow for a perfect and uniformed etch!! 

 Now as you can see I have a clear and crisp etch. Just fabulous!!! Now I wanted to take this etching a step further by using acrylic paint and some Lindy's Stamp Gang Ramblin Rose Pink Spray.

Now watch the video below to see how I made the above shabby chic look to this jar!!!


Now that I have the jar painted and ready for more shabby chic decor, I knew I wanted to do something different to the lid!! As you see in the photos below, I added pearl trim to the rim of the lid and then added clusters of pearls to the top of the lid by using hot glue!! 

 Here is the finished look of the Jar lid which I find simply fabulous and will be using this technique again!!!

Taking my Bow it All and making a bow to finish off the look!!! Check the photos below for the complete project!!

Dont you love how this turned out? I sure too and will be showing you more ways to paint with etched glass using the number one etching cream on the market, Etchall!!

If you have any questions about this project or about Etchall, let me know and I will be more than happy to help you get started on the etching journey!!!

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