Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thrift Store Etched Glass Frame Tutorial!

Hello Crafty Peeps!!! I wanted to share with you a fab Thrift Store find that I revamped for my home. I found this frame for $2 and I knew right them I wanted to Etch it with non other than the fabulous and Best etching cream on the market, "Etchall". So let me tell you what I did step by Step and I hope this inspires you to introduce Etchall into your crafting.

I cleaned the frame and got out my Etchall Etching Cream.

Cut your design out on the Etchall Etching Mask

 Peel back the top layer of the Etching Mask Transfer Paper and place your designs face up!!

 Take your squeegee tool and run over the etching mask and etching mask transfer paper to make sure that you have good contact for the transfer onto the frame.

 Take the back layer of the Etching Mask off to reveal the sticky side of the Etching mask. This side will be stuck to your project as show below!

 I changes the design but the steps are all the same!!! As you see above I have transferred this design on to the glass frame. Remember that Etchall has all these same steps inside their etching transfer paper packaging. Plus I have tons of recorded video tutorials also on my youtube channel to help you with the above steps.

 For this frame style, I cut an additional design in half to go on the top and the bottom of the frame as you see in the photo below!!

As you can see in the above picture, I ALWAYS!!! tape of the areas where I do not want any etching cream to touch. This is an added security.

 Use your squeegee tool to spread the etching cream generously over your project. You want it about as thick as peanut butter so that you can insure a clean and perfect etc.

 Allow the cream to set for 15mins. That is all the time you need!!

 Remember that Etchall Products are all reusable. So scrap off the etching cream with your squeegee and return it to the container then....

Take your project to the sink and rinse off the rest of the etching cream and remove the tape and Etching Mask from the project under running water. This makes removing the the etching mask easier.

 This frame came incomplete with no back, But I added some 1/8 inch score take to the back to hold my matted photo that can be removed later to change the photo out.

 Using some fabulous metal filigrees and pearls from Miriams Crafting Supplies I added them to the sides of the frame as you see below!

Now for the finished piece!!! 

WOW, it turned out stunning and looks fabulous in my living room for everyone to see!!! I took a $2 frame and made it look so expensive using a fabulous and amazing product Etchall. If you have any questions about this project, please let me know!! I will be more than happy to tel you how to get started on this Etchall journey so that you can create lovely pieces!!

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