Friday, December 20, 2013

Personalized Etched Glass Pitcher

Hello crafty peeps!! In-between the hustle and Bustle of the Holidays I have been creating a few last minuet Christmas gifts using non other than Etchall of course. This product is amazing and has made my Christmas giving this year personal, creative and sooooooo beautiful!!!! Remember to order all your Etching products at:   WWW.ETCHALL.COM

The project today for you is called " A Personalized Etched Glass Pitcher". Here are the steps that I took to create this one of a kind gift!!!

Okay here is what I did!!!!

Step 1: You are going to cut out your design either with you Electronic cutting Machine or with your die cutting machines with the Etchall Mask Paper (yellow)!

 Step 2: You are going to get the Etchall Mask Transfer Sheet remove the backing on the white Transfer Sheet Paper and place it over the top of your design as you see below!! Do this carefully and slowly so that you can eliminate puckers and wrinkles!!

Step 3:  Once you have used your Squeegee Tool of Burnish the layers together, you are then going to flip the design over and remove the white backing of the transfer sheet to prepare it to be transferred onto the glass pitcher as you see below!!

Step: 4 When transferring the image onto the glass, you will place the sticky part to the glass by pressing int he middle and working your way outward on each side to ensure that you have good contact!!
 Step:5 Take your Squeegee Tool and burnish the edges down with a firm pressing. This will eliminate any possibility of etching cream seeping under the Etching Mask!!!

Step 6: You will then need to remove the etching mask transfer sheet so that you are left with only with your well stuck design onto the glass pitcher. As you see below!!! Take you time with this step  in case that you dont have areas that stuck down. Just replace the etching transfer sheet back down and use your squeegee to press it into place if this should happen.

 Step 7: Using masking tape to tape around your design so that you can ensure that you DO NOT get any Etchall Etching Cream anywhere but your design.

 Step 8: Now you will get your Etchall Etching Cream and apply a very HEAVY coat on cream onto the design. You will want to do this in a thick layer because that will lend the best results!!! REMEMBER!!! that Etchall etching cream is reusable so you can keep etching more and more projects!!!

Step 8: As you see and after I allotted the 15 mins of etching time to pass as stated on the instructions on the bottle of the etching cream, I scraped off the excess Etching cream from my pitcher and returned it to the bottle for another etching day!!! I them took my pitcher to the sink and cleaned off any left etching cream and peeled off the tape and etching mask to reveal my design!!! EVERY TIME I do this step, it is like opening a gift to see the beautiful results!!!

And there you have it!!! A simple , elegant and easy gift ready to be given to someone this Season!!! It is beautiful and personalized and I could not have done it without the BEST Glass Etching cream on the Market to date!!! ETCHALL!!! Please visit all the links to order your etching cream and get in on the fun of personalizing your home decor, gifts and more!!!!

Your crafting Educator Angela Holt