Friday, December 20, 2013

His and her Matching Etched Glass Mugs

What do you give someone that just about has everything they need? You give them His and Her matching Etchall Etched Glass Mugs!!! This is what I did for my In-laws this year!!! It is personal and so beautiful and I could not have done it without Etchall Etching Products!!! So lets get to the tutorial!!! Remember to get all your Etching Products at:

 Step 1: Gather your Etching Products you will need!!! In this case you will need:

- Etchall Etching Mask ( Yellow Paper)
-Etchall Etching Mask Transfer Sheets
-Etchall Squeegee Tool
-Etchall Etching Cream
- and you choice of project you want to etch on! In this case I'm etching Glass Mugs!!!

Step 2: When etching with a font and wanting to make sure that you have a well placed design, you will need to do a few extra steps in helping you make sure your have a great placement!!! I had my husband help with this process so that I could get photos of these steps for you!!! As you see below in the two photos, we have used masking tape that is 1 1/2 inches wide. We placed a piece of this tape at the top and bottom of the mug!!!

 Then we took another piece and placed it over top of the bottom piece because we decided we wanted the etching higher up in the mug!!

Now that we have out placement set, (and we did these very same steps on each mug) we were ready to transfer out design!!!

 I cut my design from my electronic cutting machine. I then (BEFORE) i removed it from my mat, I placed a piece of Etchall Etching Transfer Sheet over the top of the design and used my Squeegee tool to burnish and make sure I had good contact for the transfer.

 I then removed the backing off the Etchall Mask Transfer Sheet revealing the sticky side of the Etchall Etching Mask.

 Then it was ready for transfer!!! As you saw in the photos above a few steps up there was a perfect place to put the design. It was placed on the mug!!

 Using the Etchall Squeegee Tool, I burnished the area to ensure proper placement and then I carefully removed the the etching mask transfer sheet from both mugs!! I continued to use the masking tape and taped around the design so that I can ensure that no Etchall Etching Cream will seep anywhere but my design.

 When applying the Etchall Etching Cream as you see below, use the Squeegee tool and apply a very thick layer. You want a thick coating of the cream so that you can have the perfect etch. To ensure this, I make sure I apply enough so that my design cannot be seen as you see in the pic below!!!

NOTE: Dont worry about using extra cream because all ETCHALL Etching Cream and the Etchall Dip N etch is REUSABLE!! So you can make 100's of project using the cream over and over again!!!

 Now you are going to let this cream stand for 15 mins by following all the instructions on the bottle!!

When the 15 mins have passed you will take your Squeegee tool and scrap over any excess Etchall Etching Cream and return it to the bottle!!!

 This step is hardly ever shown but I wanted to show it on this project and this SAME STEP will be done with ANY Etching Project!!! AS you can see from the pics below, you will want to run the project under warm water and wash off the remaining Etching Cream and too peel off the masking tape and Etching Mask paper!!! This process of removal is easier to do under water when pulling everything off!!

NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE BIG REVEAL!!! I love this step because every time I do it, it is like a big surprise!!!

As you can see, it came out BEEEEE-utiful!!!! I LOVE IT and I know my family will love it just as much!!! It is Personalized, creative and very unique to them!!! These Mugs will go with the Glass Picture I did earlier with the Last name on it!!! I hope this inspires you to create with such a wonderful product!!! Etchall is TIMELESS and lends you to make wonderful and creative projects EVERY TIME!!!   ORDER ALL YOU ETCHING PRODUCTS AT WWW.ETCHALL.COM!!!

Your crafting Educator and Designer
Angela Holt