Monday, December 2, 2013

Etched Glass Shabby Chic Mini Canister

Merry Christmas!!!! I cant believe it is upon us so quickly. I wanted to share with you another fabulous Etchall tutorial!! I have begun making different shabby glass containers to begin transition my craft room into a more shabby chic feel. I want to house all my tid bits in fancy containers and canisters. So here is one of many to come. Remember you can order all you Etchall products by visiting Now lets get to the tutorial

 I first began with a small glass canister with a small dessert dish!! I took E6000 Glue and put the two together to make a one of a kind unique canister. I found these pieces at my Local thrift Store!!

 I prepared my Etchall Etching Mask with a design I cut from a download in the Silhouette Store. The file was called Flourish Mum.

 I then placed the Etchall Etching Mask transfer sheet over the design and used my squeegee tool to burnish down the paper and make a complete solid contact so that it can be transferred to my project.

You will them remove the Etchall etching mask transfer sheet to revealed the Etching Mask's sticky side. Then you are going to apply the sticky side to your project.

 Take you Squeegee Tool and rub the Etching Mask Paper onto your project so that you can have a perfect contact and be prepared for your etching cream. Take you time with this step so that you can make sure all your edges are down!!

 You will need your Pick Knife and or your pick tool to help you remove the positive pieces of your design.

Now to help ensure that you only etch the places that you want etched with the Etching cream, you need to tape off those areas with masking tape or painters tape.

 I applied the etching according to the instructions on the bottle. For a perfect etch that ONLY Etchall can provide to you and your projects, you will want to apply this cream very generously. Almost thick as peanut butter. What I LOVE about this product is that the cream stays in place as you see in the pic above. PLUS!!! this cream is reusable and can be scraped off and re-added back to your bottle for another etching project. Best of both worlds if you ask me!!! Amazing results that can be used over and over again!!

 Amazing results as always!!! There is no other Etching cream on the Market that will give you these type of results everytime!! It is like revealing a prize every time I use it. Remember you can get all your Etchall Etching products by visiting

Now gather some trims and pearls and begin decorating your project Shabby Chic Style!!!! See Pic below for complete project details!!!

As you can see, it makes for a fabulous container to hold anything you want!!! This would be great on a vanity, on the bathroom sink or like I will be using it in a craft room. I hope this has inspired you to create unique containers for your everyday needs and craft supplies. Always get all you crafting products at

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