Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smoothfoam"super" bowl Easter bonnet/basket

Here is a cute project for the Smoothfoam "super" bowl Easter bonnet/basket Hop!!! The hollow spheres will lend you and inspire you to create soooo many things!!!! So here is my project!!

You will need
1 12" Hollow Sphere from Smoothfoam
1 8" Smoothfoam Square
Faux grass
Fabric and lace trim
and any other floral picks you may have to build your them
Hot Glue

  Simply what you do is this!

Cover the Hollow Sphere with fabric and trim out in a lace trim. Glue in the 8" in square inside the sphere so that you can have something for your flowers to be pierced into. Cover it with grass. Add your flowers and picks in the design concept you want and there you have it!!! A easy and quit way to use the wonderful NEW Hollow Sphere shape from Smoothfoam!!! You will be making one for every occasion!!!

Crafty Hugs,

Your Professional Crafty Artist and Designer
Angela Holt