Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Harvest Jubilee Sponsor Signups!!

Fall is nearing and I could not be more excited!!! The crisp chill in the air, the warm colors and yummy spice smells just make the fall season the best time of the year.  So that is why I am hosting the 

 AH Designs “Autumn Harvest Craft Jubilee” here online.

This is a preliminary post to tell you about the event and for people that want to sponsor!!!
This event will begin on October 1st and last until October  6th

This event will last a week!!! During that week, I will be airing three live shows October 7th, 9th and 12th During those classes I will be creating and showcasing your products or services. I will be teaching Fall/Halloween style projects during those shows!!! Each Class night will have a giveaway. During the days there is no show, my team and I will be promoting and playing online games for everyone to participate in where they have to visit each sponsors link etc.. There will also be a challenge that week for everyone to participate in. a winner of that challenge will receive a grand prize!!!  Prizes will be given out through out the week on Facebook etc... There will be giveaways everyday!!! LOTS AND LOTS of exposure to your business and links while having fun!!!

IF you want to be a sponsor of this event here is what it will entail
1.       You will need to send 2 sponsor gifts to me (Angela Holt).

My mailing address at
309 Forrest Dr
Greenbrier, TN 37073
 One gift will be for me to give away and the other will be for me to work with in a project.
.       As a sponsor of the “Autumn Harvest Craft Jubilee” here are the fabulous benefits:
a.       Your will be featured as a sponsor beginning September 16th till the end of the Jubilee on October 6th with your link in the following places. This will include pictures of your gifts.
                                                               i.      On Facebook
                                                             ii.      On the Bling Chronicles NING site front page
                                                            iii.      On the Angela Holt Designs blog
                                                           iv.      On all of our DT’s social media sites
                                                             v.      On the Bling Chronicles Ustream slide show as well as during the show when it airs
                                                           vi.      On twitter
b.      You will have until September 14th to get your sponsored gifts into me. Please be sure to get your gifts to me by the deadline or I will be unable to represent you during this program due to the fact that and I need time to design and create with your product.
c.       To be a sponsor of any event with AH Designs, you are respected, given FREE publicity and advertising using your links through out Social Media outlets.
d.      At the time of classes, I will be working with your products ( if the product is deemed to be worked with) meaning crafting supplies meant for use in projects. I will create a class designed around your products.  If you send a pre-made item to be given away then I will not alter it nor work with it, HOWEVER if you send one of each a workable gift and a handmade completed gift I will present them as such.
e.      The purpose of being a sponsor of an event is to get more people to learn about you, get them to your sites, your store etc.  And an event such as this would be a great way to do this.

f.        Once you’ve decided to be a sponsor and I have received your items in the mail, I will then send you graphics and dates for you to begin to share.  I must have your products in hand before I announce you as a sponsor.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!!!!