Saturday, July 27, 2013

Altered Picture Frame with Etchall and AH Designs Bling Splendor Collection

I love revamping things I find at Grarage Sales and Goodwill. This frame was found at my local Goodwill. I had to have it for on $5 and I had to play with my Etcahll again too!!! Read below how I made this and check all the pics for yummy details.

 Here is the Frame I purchased from Goodwill in it's original condition!!

 I then Took my Gesso, and painted 4 coats on to the surface front and back after I removed the backing and the glass.

 I cut out a cameo pattern from my Silhouette Store. This is one of the many Cameo Patterns that are available for download. I used my Etchall Cream so that it would etc the glass around the Cameo design leaving the Cameo Design unetched!!

 Knowing that I was not going to put a backing on the piece I glue the Etched piece back in to the frame.

To give the piece an opaque look I used a sheet of Rowlux® multi-lensed thermoplastic film
in an opaque white. It almost gives it a ribbon look for the background. 

Then I began to decorate!!!!

 What I like about the way I have done the glass is that I can set a candle or a small light to illuminate the image! Etchall cream is an amazing product!!!

I hope this creation inspires you to run out and find fancy frames that you would not ordinary purchase.

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Angela Holt