Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Project to try!!!!

Here is another Fabulous Project for you to try!!! I call this my Chiffon Flower Topiary with Bling. A perfect Table center piece for any occasion. I would love to set at the table called "Inspire" wouldn't you?  Read below how I created this Mix Media Project.

Here is what I did!!!
You start with a Smoothfoam ball in size 3 inch!!!

First you will get about 2 yard of Chiffon because you are going to be cutting a lot of flowers using the Large Flower in the Spellbinders Rose Creations Die Set. I could not put an eact number on how many, but if you want a full ball, I would say about 150 or more because you are going to double up on them As I demonstrate below.

As you can see from the Photos!! You will use two flowers per head pin and then begin build your Chiffon Ball. I add no glue. You can if you would like, but it stay perfect with the Head pin. Start at the top and work down each side in a line formation then begin to fill in the areas.

Now you going to some Rhinestones and begin Gluing them over the Head pins that you used to insert the flowers!! The Rhinestones I used I got at Hobby Lobby and they are called Table Confetti.

 The Bling you see dangling from the topiary are charms from Prima Marketing Called "Velvet Trinkets". These are awesome and I look forward to working with them in future projects. How I got them to hang from the bottom of the topiary was that I glued to the end of a head pin. I thin inserted the head pin into the bottom so that these trinkets were dangle.

Now for the Base.....................................

 This is a Glass Candle Base. I add the Bling Rhinestone Trim to all sides, the top and the bottom. This trim I purchase at Joann;s in the specialty trim section.

Finally, using the Spellbinders Fancy Tag 2 Die, I cut the style I wanted from cardstock, painted it silver, added this title to it and simply tied it to the bottom of the candle base.

I hope that this has inspired you to create you very own Chiffon Bling Topiary. These make for great center pieces for any event; baby shower, wedding, party. If you have any questions please let me know!!!

Your Crafting Educator
Angela Holt