Saturday, March 1, 2014

Etched Glass Miniature Bottle

Hey Crafty Peeps, here is another amazing way you can use Etchall in your Mixed Media Crafting!! We all know and love those tiny Miniature bottles that we have used several times. I have seen them decorated in soooooo many fab ways. I thought why not pull out my Fabulous Etchall Etching cream and Etch a beautiful design on to the glass. So I did and here are the results!!


 As you can see from this photo above, I have etched a beautiful butterfly onto the glass using the steps I have taught you many times!!! You can find these steps in my Etchall Videos on my Youtube channel. The etched butterfly is a die cut from Memory Works and it is called "Pippi Butterfly" and I purchase this die from The base you see here is a metal filigree from Miriam's Crafting Supplies 

 The top or the cork was painted in silver acrylic paint. I then took a glass bead, a tear drop pearl and a fab bead cap in the shape of a Lilly and glue these pieces to the top of the jar.

To finish off the piece, I added a sheer bow, a tear drop flat backed pearl that can also be found at Miriam's Crafting Supplies    and them I stuffed the jar with 3 paper roses to have some shabby chic goodness and a touch of pink to the finished piece.

This mini tutorial is intended to show you the diversity of projects and ways that you can use Etchall Etching Cream. This product surpasses any other on the market. It is true to its name and the results are amazing each and every time!!! This product is a must have staple in your crafting stash!!!

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Let me know if you have any questions!!!

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